New updates and improvements to Acadle.

  1. Updates 20/05/2021

    New Feature

    New Features

    • Default course duration to 10min: While creating a course, the duration defaults as 10 min, to avoid the confusion of time format
    • Disable Built with Acadle from login page: For users on Onboarding or Training plan, you can disable this from Academy Dashboard >> Admin >> Configuration
    • Premium SSL and auto-renewal: Earlier SSL was with LetsEncrypt and we had to renew the SSL every 3 months, now we migrated to a premium SSL which also handles the renewal automatically.
    • Hide Duration: You can now hide the duration to be displayed for users, while adding a course or editing course
    • Drip Lesson: You can now unlock courses after a certain number of days, available for all plans


    • Custom Terms of Service and Privacy Link: Now you can add your own custom privacy and terms link via Academy Dashboard >> Admin >> Configuration
    • Free flow: by default, the users won't be allowed to access the lesson without marking the previous one as completed, you can now enable free flow, so the users can access the lessons without any restriction


    • Coupon codes: We built an option for you to create coupons, with a bulk coupon generator, where the coupons can be assigned to a user group. You can then enable the coupon at the time of registration, and the user will be added automatically to that particular group. You can also enable Coupon mandatory at the time of registration, or the user can register without a coupon, they get assigned to 'Free' group, and then can redeem from inside the dashboard to get upgraded to a premium group. You can also use Plungpaid to distribute coupon automatically, on successful payment. Or Pabbly with Google sheet to distribute the coupon when someone signup a form inside any landing page, so may other opportunities as well 😍 . Video :


    • Discussion inside Lessons are now available for all plans πŸ˜ƒ
    • You can now see the 'Remaining credits' for each academy under your dashboard


    • 🌈 Design Feature: You can now customise the font style, colours, button style etc. to match your brand. This is available for Onboarding and Training plans. Video :


    • Control Course Visibility for Authors: Let's say there is Author A and Author B, you can control if you want to hide the courses created by Author A from Author B :) Video:

    • Display Author Name: Want to display the author name to the users? You can now enable it from Academy Dashboard >> Admin >> Configuration . Video:


    • Filter by Groups for Admin or Authors: You can now filter the courses as admin, by courses, to check and confirm what are the courses allowed in each group.


    • And a most important new feature, TAGS 🀩 : You can now create custom 'tags' and add multiple tags to a course, you can also use these tags to filter the courses (as admin as well as the user) . Tags will also be visible on top of the course card :) . Check this Video:

    Issues / Fixes

    • The certificate icon is now hidden if no certificate created, for the users
    • Updated Missing Language keywords
    • The user is redirected to the login page if the session is out
    • Expired invitation link - redirected to login page instead of showing an error page
    • Lesson PDF preview issue
    • Other minor issues as in when user reports

    Active Integration or Embeds

    • - Demo
    • VadooTv - Demo
    • TidyCal - Demo
    • Qiwio - Demo
    • KillerPlayer - Demo
    • Candu - Coming soon
    • Viloud - Possible with the Embed feature for Live Courses
    • Marquiz - Demo
    • SyncSpider

    Please share your feedback and ideas via :) Stay safe

  2. Updates 01-04-2021



    • Course time defaulting
    • Default Images for no data
    • Acadle Custom domain auto SSL


    • Mobile responsiveness fixes (course listing, lesson, quiz etc.)
    • Expired link invitation issue
    • Question No / Timer Alignment fix
    • Login page loader on Academy
    • Issues reported by users
    • Page settings - youtube embed URL conversation
  3. Now you can customise the look and feel of the entire academy.

    • Font sizes and colours in all the listing pages
    • Button BG colour, border colour, height & width
    • Quiz content and results
    • Font family

    This feature is available for users with min 5 codes or Onboarding / Training plan

    fontfont 2
  4. Happy to announce that we just made our Agency live, unlike the typical model, we will be helping you to launch your own SaaS, an Acadle alternative.

    • Your brand
    • Zero tech investment
    • All features from Acadle
    • Your price (add additional services like onboarding, content etc. )
    • Everything in your brand name (branded signup page, emails, dashboard etc)
    • Anything and everything we launch in Acadle will be available in your own SaaS too.


    If you are eligible for the Agency feature, schedule a call with me here: Book Call

  5. Updates 11-01-2021

    New Feature

    New Features:

    • You can now clone courses πŸ”₯
    • Cloned courses will have all the folders, lessons and settings same as the source
    • Scripts inside the courses - You can now add any custom scripts inside a particular course alone 😍

    Fixes and Improvements

    • Login page responsiveness issue in mobile
    • Login and register elements design
    • Acadle svg image upload issue fixes
    • Login Slider related fixes
  6. Updates 05-01-2021



    • Option to add 'New Space' in the lesson editor.
    • You can now mark any language as 'default'
    • Updated missing keywords in the language and new features
    • Updated missing keywords in the registration page
    • Footer removed in the lesson editor and lesson view page, to save more space for editing and reading :)


    • Issue Found in login page ( timezone width issue) + issue in login page settings ( custom elements designation can't choose) + some login design fix
    • Lesson Preview Card showing half in the login page, if there is only one lesson to display

  7. Happy new year to you and your family. Let this new year gives you more happiness and strength to chase your dreams.

    On behalf of Team Acadle, we thank you for all the support you provided in 2020.

    New features


    • One of the most asked features is now live, you can have categories inside a course, and lessons under each category
    • Drag and drop lessons to groups
    • A better UI for managing Groups and Lessons



    • Now you can let your students/employees add private notes to each lesson
    • Notes are specific to each lesson, and won't be shown in the other lessons
    • We will also have a feature to write notes inside a course as well, soon.
    • We will soon have an option to show all the notes together
    • You can Disable if you wish not to have private notes
    • 'Private notes' is disabled for the lessons created already, you will have to go to each lesson and enable the notes
    • 'Private notes' will be enabled by default when you create a new lesson.



    • You can now allow your students to discuss a particular lesson or exchange notes with others
    • Also, you can reply or let others reply to individual posts, just like a normal forum
    • We will soon launch the option to do the discussion within the course as well
    • You can Disable if you wish not to have Discussion inside a particular lesson.
    • 'Discussion' is disabled for the lessons created already, you will have to go to each lesson and enable the discussion
    • 'Private notes' is enabled by default when you create a new lesson.



    • You can now add multiple related links or external links to a lesson, from the 'Bookmarks' tab and share with students/employees/customers
    • Links will open in a new tab
    • Links will be shown only if the 'Bookmarks' is enabled for your users
    • We will soon launch the option to share 'Bookmarks' within the course as well
    • You can Disable if you wish not to have 'Bookmarks' inside a particular lesson
    • 'Bookmarks' is disabled for the lessons created already, you will have to go to each lesson and enable the Bookmarks
    • 'Bookmarks' is enabled by default when you create a new lesson.CleanShot 2021-01-04 at 20.01.24


    Bug Fixes

    • Issues in some devices while inviting a user
    • Lesson title getting disappeared sometimes
    • Slide issue
    • The language issue of the preview button
    • Certificate download issue
    • Issue while downloading the attachment
    • Link metadata issue
    • Scroll issue in group dropdown
    • Live course-related issues


    • Search option in the search of groups, while inviting users
    • Acadle Webhooks

    Let’s bring happiness to more people in 2021. Once again, thank you all so much and Happy new year :)

    We've created a Trello board where you can report issues and keep track of issues.

  8. Webhooks and Migration to AWS :)

    New Feature
    • Migrated to AWS (RDS -> Micr instance with Multi-AZ enabled - Daily snapshot - 7-day retention of backup and a lot more) πŸ”’
    • Migration of image and files to S3 πŸš€
    • VAPT and BCP in place πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ
    • Webhooks is live (we'll write a new post about this in detail) 🀩
    • Option to choose multiple users and do bulk actions is also live.πŸ’ͺ

  9. We had a feature to automatically unlock a course after a certain period of time. We just added one more feature where you can lock a course after a period of time, and you can show the timer as well on the course.

    Here is a quick video:

    CleanShot 2020-11-24 at 20.05.16

    Filter inside users

    Also, you can now filter your users by course status, joined date, group etc. and export if required.

    CleanShot 2020-11-24 at 20.09.10

  10. We are very excited to announce that the new 'Gamification' feature is live for all the users who subscribed 'Onboarding' plan and bought 5 or more codes,

    Following are the new features;

    • Allocate points to each activity inside your academy
    • 2 Different types of badges for 'Activity' 'Learning' and 'Certification'
    • Customise the names of each badge (soon custom badges will also be live)
    • Upgrade users to different levels based on points, logins or courses completed
    • Leaderboard, show where the user is based on other students in the academy
    • Display total points achieved, within the academy

    Here is a quick view of admin:

    CleanShot 2020-11-20 at 18.36.32

    And the Levels, points etc. will appear on the academy, like this

    CleanShot 2020-11-20 at 18.39.29

    Let us know your thoughts :)